Sunday, November 7, 2010

News on a Day Off

Greetings! My, my – it is hard to believe I’ve only been here about two and a half weeks. It feels like much longer than that! However, considering that I haven’t been out to see many venues and attractions yet, it does make me feel slightly better knowing I am still new to this place.

Eugene showed up mid afternoon on Friday with a HUGE truckload of supplies, tools and the permanent tent. We’ll be setting that up on Monday. Today is my day off, which feels nice. I haven’t done a whole lot with it, but I’m making progress in both my tan and my book, so that’s good.

My music mix has been filled with a lot of KT Tunstall lately, as well as some Snow Patrol and Bruce (of course). I recently finished the book High Tide in Tucson by Barbara Kingsoliver (thanks to Gracie), and am now halfway through Changeless (the second in a Vampire/Wolf steam punk series – thanks to Jaima). I have a handful of others awaiting my attention once this one is done.

The weather has been nice lately, after those horrible, HORRIBLE three and half days of Ellensburgian wind. I think I can notice a slight decrease in the temperature, though, and a lot of the locals have mentioned their surprise that ‘summer’ has held on this long – it sounds as though my days of poolside sunbathing may be numbered (I know, poor me).

Yesterday was a MARKED improvement from the prior weekend in regard to sales at the stand (possibly to do with Halloween busyness last weekend), which is pretty encouraging. I’m sure it wasn’t anything compared to what the I-90 stand is used to getting, but this was a constant, steady flow of people buying in semi-bulk, so that’s good. It’s kinda funny, though – people get all huffy about wanting everything to be ‘local.’ Unfortunately, Arizona produces bare-minimum beyond lettuce and pistachios. Do they WANT us to ONLY sell those things? It’s as if they're offended when we bring GOOD stuff in from California, as though we had some other closer alternative. Goodness. So... we have to reeducate every person, one by one, in a polite, non-offensive way. And every time, they are surprised. At first. And then, finally, each one concedes that not much can grow in their climate. Ahh….. dealing with mass amounts of public, what bliss.

More later!

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