Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day!

Greetings on this fine election day! It was a windy one here, which meant all kinds of trouble at the stand (the large tents would have much rather been gusting over the city instead of being planted in the ground like good, shade-providing objects). I am proud to say I saw a great many customers with 'I voted' stickers on their shirts, although for the most part, people were pretty quiet about political matters; it seems the far left and far right live in very close proximity here and they've learned to shy away from public arguments.

I've gotten accustomed to the new apartment complex and am very happy with it still. Although noise through the narrower corridors tends to echo, it rarely bothers me during the middle of the night, which is the time that matters most to me. ;) The walls are a slight bit bare, and the furniture is... well, 'minimal,' but it suits me just fine.

My skin is getting DARK already. Unfortunately, since I wear jeans at work, my legs are looking alien compared to my arms, but I suppose that doesn't really hurt anything.

I won't have another day off until next Sunday, but another recruit from Washington (Eugene - he has helped with Wises with the I-90 stand for several years)will be coming into town on Friday so I think our work schedule will even out eventually. Oh, and it sounds like I'll be working a few local farmers markets soon, which makes me both very happy and very full of Spokane memories. :)

I hope this finds you well. Here are a few more pictures of the strange vegetation in the area.


  1. hehe I like the mental image of your white legs and brown arms!