Saturday, November 13, 2010

Minutes, Meditation & Music in the Morning

Well! I had a startling revelation this morning (which is usually when they happen, strangely enough, but in my opinion, the most unfortunate time of the day for it): I have used 712 of the 450 minutes I have been allotted by Verizon to talk on my phone. This can only be construed as a compliment to all my Washington loves; I've spent 712 minutes telling you how much I love you! Unfortunately, it also means a very grim-looking bill. So if I don't return your call for 10 days, it's not because I don't love you - it's because my bill cycle renews in 10 days. Sigh, it will be a long one. ;)

In other unrelated news, I've learned there is a monkery (Buddhist temple) very close to my house and I hope to investigate it soon. Some temples, of course, don't want you there unless you are Buddhist. Others, though, offer meditation classes for just about anyone. So, I'll report back on that later.

Here is a video to help get you started in the morning. It is silly. But it is happy. Jill & Gord: this music reminds me of your house (after the first cup of coffee) when you two start buzzing about with cleaning and cooking. :)


  1. Love the video Cait! Are you saying we are messy, or that we have food fights? : ) PS: Gordon says that is the type of video that he and his brother would make.

    Anyone out there who didn't watch til the end---you'll want to go back and do so. : )

  2. Good morning Cait! You should go and check out that monkery! Keep us updated. John just got his great letter and he is currently writing you back. Much love Cait!

  3. Hahah, silly owl ;) - the song reminded me of mornings at your house, not necessarily the video, although that thought is quite hilarious. I just thought it was a wonderful peppy song for you to play as you started up the day. :)

    J&L: Thanks SOOOO much for keeping track of me! I think of you often!!