Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Notes While Baking in the Morning

Greetings from the sunny land of Tucson. We had a huge chill come through last night, but nothing like the blizzard that swept Spokane, from how I understand it. I hope everyone is SAFE and happily covered in layers of blankets (or in Jill and Gordon's case, moving swiftly down a hill in some fashion of kayak, skis or sled).

Things here are going very well. Only two more days of work until I get company in town and a three day weekend. I'm very excited. Pat and I don't have a whole lot on the schedule, but there are a few restaurants and bars I want to try out (hopefully play a little pool, if I'm lucky), and a day trip to Summerhaven (that will lead us back up to Mt. Lemmon - I'm excited to go back!!).

I've currently got the pumpkin baking in the oven and a load of laundry getting washed, so I'm feeling all kinds of productive this morning. (Also, my apartment smells delicious!) I did, however, buy an extra already-made pumpkin pie in case this one goes south. I'm crossing my fingers! I'll let you know in two days, I guess. :)

Nothing much else to report. I tried to make yam for dinner last night and it was only semi-successful. Baby steps, though. Baby steps.

Turns out Marvin isn't as depressed as I thought! He was just allergic to Energize batteries. When the noise from the air pump began to sound something similar to an agonizing whimper last night, I switched out the batteries for Duracell and BAM Marvin was up and pumped and full of life like you wouldn't believe! Who knows, though. He may relapse. I'll keep ya posted.

Well, I'm signing off for now, but please send me updates on how you're spending this wonderful, snowy day (work? play? books? anything I should read?).

All my snowy love,

The Bait


  1. Hi Cait! I'm spending the day at work. The commute yesterday and today was a bit hairy. As I told my coworker yesterday, "I love a day that starts and ends with sheer terror." I always wake up to NPR and today at 6am the top three national news stories were: N. Korea attacking S. Korea, a cure for AIDS, and BLIZZARD IN EASTERN WASHINGTON STATE! It was a little tough to pull myself out of bed after that. Still, I am loving the snow. It's so lovely! We are going to M&Ds on Wednesday night after Gord gets off work--I'm super excited about Thanksgiving. Guess what?! I'm thankful for YOU!


  2. GASP! It LOOKS LIKE A PIE!! It SMELLS like a pie! And I only burned my finger once! (And only messed up a LITTLE bit on the measurements.) Now Pat, get here soon, damnit, so we can try it! :)

  3. I'm at work too but it wasn't too easy getting here - slid right through a stop sign this morning... Wish I had my studs on...

    So, Jillian did you also hear on NPR this morning how the oldest sibling usually has an IQ 3 points higher than her siblings? :)

    I'm thankful for both of you!

  4. No, I heard a teaser for that story, but I was up and about by then and missed it. Sounds like rubbish to me. : )

  5. Sigh... alas, I made the pie wrong. I used 'evaporated milk' instead of 'sweetened condensed milk' (REALLY!? It SOUNDS like the same thing!!!!? And where the hell are they hiding this stuff at the store!?) So after consulting with Laura, I've accepted that mine probably won't be very 'dessert-ish.' But I might buy some vanilla flavored Cool Whip and caramel to drizzle on top of it... We'll see.

    Yes, I agree with Fessick. Clearly it is rubbish. :)

    Thankful for you, too!!

  6. The pie will be great, I'm sure! And Lacey tried to mail us some stuff but it didn't get here in time, so I'll be sending along another present after I get back to Spokane. But I'm really excited!