Monday, October 25, 2010

WAHOOO! We Have Internet!

Greetings! I am happily writing from my LAP TOP! Things are going really well in Tuscon for me. The streets are really easy to learn, there are a lot of beautiful muscle and sports cars to drool over, it's surprisingly very bike friendly, and every sun rise is gorgeous! The weather has been very varied so far - from rainy to overcast to blazing sunny to CRAZY windy (today). I'm not a fan of the wind (almost Ellensburg bad), but they tell me it doesn't come through very often.

If all goes well, I will move into my new apartment on Thursday. That will also be my first day off since I got down here - and I figure getting my own place (after a month of living out of a suitcase) is a good way to celebrate. I'll be living very close to work, which is also good.

I keep missing phone calls from friends, so I need to get this posted and return a few calls, but I'll be sure to post more tomorrow. Hope this finds everyone well. I miss you all SO much, and would love any comments you think to jot down for me. :)


P.S. Mom - It's great to hear you've got turbo water and great inlaws to help when you need them! Kara - I LOVE your wedding photos SO SO much! You and John BOTH look so incredible. Sara - I'm glad to hear you are better! I know there's so much left to do at school in this semester but I know you can do it! Sisters - I MISS you! I'm sad I missed out on your get-together. I'm really excited to hear new music, though! Thanks for thinking of me. Spokane friends - I miss you so much! I miss all our delicious dinners, pool playing and pottery get-togethers. You mean SO much to me.

(Some pictures taken on a walk near the Wise's house.)

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