Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well! Enough is enough. I am not satisfied with lack of comments left on my blog. How, I pray you, HOW!? am I to know anyone cares for me!?

SO! I am issuing a challenge. I will be posting a poll today that I'd like all of you to respond to - along with any comments that would cheer me up and let me know how much you love me. :) (Of course, I am doing rather well, and don't need to be 'cheered up' per se, but I sure wouldn't mind the love.)

By the by, the weather was great today. I turned in a few more things to the apartment place, and hope to move in on Thursday (my day off), but haven't heard for sure. I'll let you know.

Love ya tons!


  1. Love you! Please post more pictures, I'd love to see any progress on the fruit stand and your apartment when you move in!

  2. Love you!!! SSOOOO sorry we've all be delinquent. I think you should do steaks of mermaid green in your hair. : ) I'll call you soon.

    Word verification:
    Where rats go when they need water in the desert.

  3. Sorry--
    Not "steaks" of mermaid green . "Streaks". Steaks of green would just be creepy.

  4. I love you and miss you! I visited an art gallery last week and thought of you - wish you were there to discuss the art work with. :)

    I voted for red but I like Jillian's idea too (the streaks not steaks - the Lady Gaga look isn't for you). :)

    Also, I agree with Kara - more pictures.


  5. I'm kinda leaning towards steaks of green in her hair... just sayin.

  6. I vote an auburn Red....think of how those blue eyes would pop! If you did green and went swimming in the pool it would ruin the green because of the chemicals....perhaps?

  7. Well it's very predictable that I would post a little too late, but not too late to get my vote in! RED!!! for sure. I'm trying to post as John and I at our old blog but I can't figure it out!.. love you and keep typing but don't forget to be absolutly insane down there! (within reason)