Friday, October 22, 2010

Learning the Ropes

Hello all! Day number two is done. We had better weather today and also sold slightly more at the stand. I'm getting the hang of what fruit is good for what kind of dish - FPPC members would be proud! I went for a short walk this morning before work and took a few photos of the gorgeous mountains near the house. I thought about trying to find a coffee shop with wireless internet so I could add the photos via my laptop, but then I remembered people aren't as obsessed with coffee down here. They are hard to find, in fact! I know, hard to believe. Here are a few other things I've noticed about Tucson: they are REALLY into personalized license plates here (ie IM DUB); they are, unfortunately, not so into fashion... at all; they've got great, wide streets and U turns are LEGAL! YES!! Ah, U turns are so much fun.

I work tomorrow morning, but will try to post again tomorrow afternoon. We will have internet at the house by Monday, I think. Wish me luck on apartment shopping- I hope a few will be open for viewing during the weekend.

Love and miss you all!

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