Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Notes

Well Bruce spingsteen came on the radio two times today so I think that adds up to be a pretty great day. :D. After some extensive sadness, I finally began reprogramming my car's radio stations. There are a bazillion to choose from but I think I found some gems.

The weather was even better today, but still only allowed for a few hours of direct sun. I find that most people are content to wear jeans in this weather, although im sure most washingtonians would be sporting shorts at the same temperature.

I think I had some luck with apartment shopping today. I'll try to get the application turned in tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

Tonight is homecoming and a very important football game for the Arizona wildcats. I'm sure ill be hearing all about it tomorrow from my coworkers, although I'm very content to be a hermit in the country with the Wises at the moment.

Miss everyone dearly! Take care.


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  2. Hi Cait the Bait!! It's yer sistahs! We're hanging out at Jaima's this weekend. You missed an AWESOME Paperboys concert last night! They've added a brass section (trumpet, sax, trombone) and at a couple points they all left the stage and marched through the audience--very fun! One of the opening bands was Red Means Go--watch your mailbox, you may be getting a sample soon. : )
    We are carving punkins today--you'll never guess what I am putting on mine (hint: Leaves! Feathers!). Jaima is doing a cemetary scene on hers. We'll post photos on Fb.
    Love you! Miss you!!

    Are the flowers blooming in Houston?

    Jaima and Jillian

  3. Haha, that's a negative Jim. I don't have the measles. :D I am very sad to have missed such an awesome concert, not to mention pumpkin carving with the best sisters ever, but I'm glad u thought of me and I can't wait to get a sample of the music. Love ya!