Friday, December 3, 2010

Cait's Random Day Off

Greetings! I had an interesting day so far. It started with vampires, werewolves and preternaturals, and ended with talk of travel and Italian restaurants.

I finished Blameless (a very silly, but utterly engrossing book about supernaturals) early in the morning, got some Christmas shopping done, wrote a few letters and even managed to work out for a bit (it had been a while... Thanksgiving and all that). In the evening, I then chatted away with my new computer guru: a guy named Jeremy who I hired to remove a virus from my computer. My computer, so far, seems to be much happier, but there still may be something evil embedded deep inside somewhere. Time will tell. Lucky for me, if anything else IS in fact wrong, Jeremy will do another entire 'deep clean-type' session for free. So that's nice. I'm happy enough to get online for the moment, and to have entertainment for the night.

In any case, what I thought would be an awkward couple of hours with a stranger turned into a very fun chat. I believe he grew up stateside (he seemed purposefully vague about that), but went to high school in Australia. He then spent some time in Canada, Malaysia and China. Oh, yes, and his girlfriend, whom he met in Mexico, is from Italy. We had a good chat about how silly America is when it comes to certain things (like trains), how interesting the parks in Canada are, how beautiful Tuscany is, how important personal roots are, and the whole bit. Jaima will agree: chatting about travel comes SO easily and is so much fun. (Of course, Jeremy was sitting on my ..."slightly"... broken chair all the while. Except he didn't know it was broken. He'd keep adjusting his weight and I'd hear it squeak and have to just praying it did fall apart underneath him! Oh, how embarrassing that would have been...)

SO! Tomorrow will mark the start of a six day work week, but I will be rewarded by two days off in a row at the end. We're starting a new schedule which involves 8 hour shifts and regular weekends. I'm a fan of the plan so far. :)

The weather here has been WONDERFUL. High 70s ever since Pat left, so of course I've been giving him a hard time by blaming the bout of cold weather on him. ;)

People are not so much into the holiday decor around here. It's a little bit sad, to be honest. Sure there are advertisement displays at the stores, and my apartment's leasing office has gone to the effort to put lights up... but really, it's few and far between as far as the holiday spirit goes around here. Oh, speaking of that! I haven't picked up my swag from the post office yet (SORRY!), but I plan on doing it first thing tomorrow morning before work. I was hoping my postal delivery man would leave it at my door, but apparently I have to go in to pick it up. I'm VERY excited to see it! Thank you mom, grandma, Jaima, Jill, Kim, April, June and anyone else who pitched in on it!!!

Love you all. Have a good night! Happy weekend!

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  1. It would have been a better story if the chair had broken.

    Miss u!

    WV; Sionder- a small rodent capable of ingesting automobiles with boxlike shapes.