Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Day in Paradise!

Hello all! The weather is back up to the upper 70s and should be there most of the week. Manny, my co-worker, is a little down about this since he likes to snowboard (he told me once that their ski season here is usually about a month and a half long - two and a half if they're lucky. He was pretty dang surprised and jealous when I told him about Washington's winters). I, as you can assume, am not down about it in the slightest. :)

Day three down of a six day work week. The new schedule seems to be working out for everyone very well. The only downside I can see is that our new business hours are almost the exact same as the post office. Mailing presents, therefore, will be a little bit of a struggle. I plan to start the process tomorrow, but might end up finishing the task during my lunch hour. My only previous Tucson post office experience was this: I walked through the doors three minutes after the windows opened and 15 people were already in line. Since two of the three open windows were clogged by trouble-customers for a good 10 minutes, the rest of us were forced to slowly process through the last remaining window. I was almost late for work! So... wish me luck. ;)

I haven't had any recent trouble with my computer, so I think it is officially fixed. Oh! And Reginald is looking VERY sharp these days (insert proud expression here). He is nearly three inches tall! I make sure to move him to the window every day when I leave. I'll have to take a picture of him for you soon.

I learned of another vantage point to check out on my next day off (Friday & Saturday). I'm not yet sure if there are any trails there, but I might make the drive just to see the area. It is to the far west of Tucson, whereas I live in the far east side.

OH! And MY GOODNESS! The swag and edible goodies were SO wonderful to get in the mail! Many thanks to the Havillah crew for sending all that love my direction! I put the swag on the walkway next to my door. It looks wonderful there. And the cookies are already all gone! (I was nice and shared with my co-workers.)

Hope this finds you well. Love you all lots!


  1. Oh, and lastly, I was wrong about the lack of holiday decor. Apparently they are just very slow about getting the lights up around here. Most of the neighborhoods on the drive home tonight had some sort of light display up. They hang them on cacti. SO awesome. :)